Alice is a graduate of the University of South Australia's School of Art, Architecture and Design. She has travelled to the UK and USA with her studies to learn and explore the numerous techniques that glassblowing has to offer. 

Receiving grants from Helpmann Graduate Academy she attended Pilchuck Glass School in Washington, USA to undertake master classes with Robert Lewis and Ryo Sekino. Loving the experience so much she returned on the JamFactory-Pilchuck Glass School Scholarship to be taught by Granite Calimpong in 2015. 

Alice's designs have been met well both in the public and in the industry, having been chosen as a finalist in the Drink Dine Design Award for emerging designs in both 2015 and 2016, receiving the People's Choice Award in both. Producing unique works which merge meaningful interaction within the realms of functionality, her designs evoke memories of times shared with family. Innovative in her approach to traditional glass design, Alice's exploration of materiality within her work, surprises and delights.  

In 2016 Alice will complete her JamFactory Associateship; after which she plans to continue her exploration of glass both at home in Adelaide and overseas, and to utilise the opportunities in Adelaide, the JamFactory and it's community.

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Alice Mahoney
Jam Factory Adelaide

Alice Mahoney Glass